Fallera por un día
Valencia for tourists




Local Experience and Tourist Attraction

Immerse yourself in a Valencian history, as we tranform you into a Fallera! Then walk the old city streets as Falleras done for centuries and our professional photographer will capture your once in a lifetime experience. Walks Ins welcome. After hours appt available at no extra charge!

Weekend in Valencia...?

...Become a fallera for one day!

It is a new concept driven by our desire to make it possible that any person, of any nationality, can take part in this ancient and beautiful Valencian tradition.

Check all the options available and make your reservation.

Be part of the Valencian culture and lifestyle!

What to do in Valencia ?!?

Let us give you a haircut, make up and dress you up in one of the wonderful traditional outfit!

We do photography sessions for tourists who want to have an unforgettable memory of Valencia. We give you the possibility of accessing traditional Valencian customs and to take part in photographic sessions fully dressed as a real fallera or fallero.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Tourist activity...

...but not only for tourists!

Being a fallera/o is not just an experience, a tradition, a memory or a passion. It is a lifestyle.

Fallera for a day comes from our desire to preserve and promote this centuries-old tradition, giving you the chance to make your dream of being a fallera a reality.

If you need more information of our services please do not hesitate to contact us.